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Open Call #1:
'User Experience & Ethics'

From the beginning of our journey; to bring people who are interested in and/or work in ‘user experience design’ together, to produce by sharing our experiences, to learn, to develop and improve are the reasons we exist. While working for these purposes, we question ourselves and our production at every step. For a long time, it was not enough for us to organize events; so that we expanded our productions with our podcasts and our media productions. It was not enough again and we came with a new and exciting idea to give ‘everybody’ a chance to ‘produce’ something within the community. This would provide UX’minimal to be a unifying initiative where each community member could take advantage of the outputs. Within the light of these opinions and concerns, we decided to make an ‘Open Call’ to produce on a subject/concept bimonthly and to invite you to contribute open-source UX library.

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UX'minimal Meetup 120

“A great and well organized team + huge and very demanding crowd = tremendous, but still cozy atmosphere. Really enjoyed being there, all-ears for the next ones!”

Besim Kosova
Experience Design Head, Consultant & Instructor at UXservices



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We would like to thank our sponsors who have supported UX'minimal from the very first day  to sustain as a voluntary and not-for-profit community with its free thinking and production.



We would like to produce pleasant and fulfilling conversations about topics around User Experience and make these content accessible anywhere.

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