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Open Call #2:
'Speculative Design'

Since the beginning of our journey; we have aimed to gather people who are interested in user experience design around "learning by sharing" culture. For that reason, we organized meetups, live sessions, workshops, and recorded podcasts and media productions. Afterward, we decided to make "Open Call" invitations for our community to team up and produce with us. Our first Open Call was about questioning Ethics in UX. Now, we decided to ask our community about the future of our world and ourselves.
*How can we visualize a better future?
*How could our reality be if we did something differently?
*What and how would you change our existing systems for the better good?  We want you to dream about the future and question your daily lives to find something that you want to change. We want you to ask yourself "WHAT IF" questions to speculate about our everyday reality and future. Stay in tune for details.

Open Call

UX'minimal Meetup 120

“A great and well organized team + huge and very demanding crowd = tremendous, but still cozy atmosphere. Really enjoyed being there, all-ears for the next ones!”

Besim Kosova
Experience Design Head, Consultant & Instructor at UXservices



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